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Airlines playing matchmaker

May 16th, 2017


In-flight networking has declined the past few years with many business travellers opting to put on their noise cancelling headphones and look straight ahead or bury themselves in a book or the laptop to avoid conversation.  But it appears US-based carrier Delta is looking to shake things up.



The airline recently announced its ‘Innovation Class’ that ultimately plays matchmaker with its business travellers.  Those applicants accepted into the Innovation Class have the chance to be seated with other visionaries and industry leaders.

This kind of concept isn’t new.  KLM have been running a Meet & Seat program for some time giving travellers the option to share their social media details with fellow passengers.

But if your airline isn’t providing this kind of solution never fear, there’s an app for that.  Networking app Here on Biz uses Linkedin to facilitate airport meet ups for like-minded travellers that have a little spare time.

Inflight networking

The network effect

At Airly we encourage networking, should it interest you.  On board our eight seat private jets you’ll travel with like-minded professionals and industry leaders who hold vast networks and contacts that may help you land your next deal.  This is also evidenced by Surf Air, who have reported of business deals taking place on board their aircraft.

Are you a in-flight networker?  If so, what are your tips for making a great impression?  Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

A private terminal for the rich and famous

May 8th, 2017


There’s a new way to avoid congestion, paparazzi and the public at LAX with the introduction of The Private Suite.  The facility that is expected to open its doors on May 15 will provide a private and personalised experience catering for celebrities, business leaders and the wealthy. Avoiding the public isn’t […]

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Outrage as American slashes legroom comparable to Australian carriers

May 4th, 2017


Travellers in the US are outraged after American Airlines announced the shrinking of legroom in economy.  AA will reduce it’s legroom to a pitch of 29-30 inches via the introduction of the 737 MAX to their fleet.  This will see AA’s domestic seat-pitch being similar to most Australian airlines. Economy Seat Pitch […]

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Five Aussie startups disrupting travel

April 28th, 2017


For decades the travel industry has seen dormant gloabl companies refrain from innovation.  Budgets and short-term goals were put ahead of innovation, perhaps a case of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. However with growing technology advancements and a changing consumer mindset new companies have been able to challenge the status […]

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