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We are all working harder and longer, with less balance; and travelling more. We believe we should have more time with our families, more time doing what we want, and more productive time.

We’re solving the worsening inefficiencies of air and ground travel. The 2-4 hours of ‘hurry up and wait’ time, the disjointed experience, the multiple booking systems. That adds up to 4 weeks of wasteful time a year. With our cities, economies and populations growing, travel is too; but infrastructure is not keeping up. This creates congestion, inefficiencies, and it’s frustrating. Every trip, Airly gives back these hours of wasted time.

Airly delivers seamless, time-saving, door-to-door travel;  For frequent commuters between major cities;  By using executive aircraft, premium ground transfers, metropolitan airports, easy-to-use integrated technology, in a subscription business model.

As a founding team, we are experienced in business, technology and aviation. And we are united by a shared love of aviation, travel, and solving a big global problem.

We’re a passionate and experienced team; addressing a real problem, providing a unique solution and taking it global.