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Airly to remove the hideousness of flying

Airly to remove the hideousness of flying

May 5th, 2016


Many decades ago in the ‘Silver Wing’ era flying was a privileged and exclusive experience.  Pilots were Gods and celebrity chefs were cooking in first class.  Fast forward to 2017 where flying, especially frequently, is becoming a chore.  An undesirable fact of life for tens of thousands of individuals flying between Australia’s major cities.  The prestige service has disappeared and airlines continue to find ways to squeeze more seats into the cabin and introduce surcharges for anything and everything they can get away with.  This attitude has tarnished the experience of frequent flying.

In 2016 the Herald Sun spoke with super commuters who travel frequently between Melbourne and Sydney.  Andrew Henderson, Co founder of Pencil & Pixel was one of the super commuters who provided ways he minimises the “hideousness of the flight”.

The perfect solution for frequent flyers:  Flying on a subscription.

Interior of Airly's citation jet.

Airly is  turning business travel on its head by making it super efficient, streamlined, simple and stress free. We do that by using a technology-centric platform to reserve your business trip door to door. We’ll pick you up from home, take you to the lounge at one of our smaller executive airports (Moorabbin and Bankstown) and have you checked in ten minutes prior to departure.

The value doesn’t stop there, you’ll fly with like minded professionals and influencers onboard eight seat private jets and get driven from the airport to your office (or where ever you’re going).  Super simple, impeccable customer service and the best bit, on a subscription.  Pay one monthly fee and have your flights, transfers, baggage, changes and cancellations covered.

Memberships start from $2,995 per month up to $4,995 per month depending on how frequently you travel.  Ultimately flying on private jets for the cost of economy flex.  We invite you to contact our team and learn how we can best remove the hideousness from your commuting.