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How time’s have changed

March 7th, 2016

How times have changed

How can we tell if an airport is becoming congested or not?  One of our co founders has been in aviation since the late 2000’s and remembered when the scheduled time between Sydney and Melbourne was 1:05.  Get everyone boarded, a quick taxi to the runway then 55-60 minutes in the air before touch down, right?

Following the Olympics the airlines continued to increase frequency and capacity to what is now the fourth busiest route in the world, and THE busiest in the English-speaking world.  This resulted in the commercial airlines experiencing poor On Time Performance (OTP) when flying into Sydney which was having flow on delays throughout the network.  To combat this, scheduled times SYD-MEL were extended out to 1:35.

So what can be done to combat the growing congestion at our major airports?

Airly will fly members on 8 seat executive aircraft which dramatically reduces the boarding to take off time to 5-6 minutes (vs 35mins on commercial airlines) and operate to and from smaller neighbouring airports that are busy, but have the capacity to handle our arriving and departing flights.  If the wind changes at the airports we fly into there is no real delay, we change the direction we land in.  At Sydney, for example, if the wind changes and results in a change of runways there can be up to 30 minutes of holding on the ground or in the air while Air Traffic Control redirect congested airspace to suit the new wind conditions.

A seamless, simple and rapid air travel experience.  That is why I Airly.

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